Welcome to Ecoss

East Coast Open Source Solutions has experience in all facets of IT infrastructure design and deployment. We provide consulting services and a suite of leading edge technologies that seamlessly integrate with your existing environment. We work with the largest of companies down to the SMB market and startups. Whatever the company size, the level of consistency remains the same.

Ecoss delivers the service that is right for your individual needs, aligning your technical objectives with your business requirements. After all, it is only when these two metrics are aligned that true value can be achieved!

Ecoss staff have a history of success in the design, development, and implementation of corporate solutions. Our skill sets span a wide spectrum for both Intranet and Internet solutions combing many years of best practice methodologies around numerous disciplines.

Leverage our experience and abilities to maximize your projects in an affordable and time conscious manner. Our solutions provide you with a flexible, secure and reliable turn-key platform.